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Wine may differ in years and Domain, 

but the quality and the integrity of our wines

remain the same..





Red Wine List


                                                                     Btle.                           Glass



Federalist Zinfandel                       $40  

Dry Creek Zinfandel is a revolutionary wine

Created to salute the President of the United States,

George Washington


Cotes Du Rhone                             $36.00              $10.00

Cherry, Blackberry, very subtle, with a Tannin finish.   

Haut Medoc                                   $42.00  

Belongs to the Grand Vin de Bordeaux, Mellow fruity

Plum and cherry….with a chocolate finish.   

 St. Emilion                                    $56.00

Dry One of the Noble Wines of France. Creamy flavor

Of  Cherry, plum and Cassis.

Chateau Margaux Rouge               $65.00

Above average in popularity among wines from Margaux.

 This wine has been climbing in popularity during the year.

Chateau de Saint Hillarie                 $ 35.00        $10.00

 This wine  is Fruity, middle weight red based on

The blends, Grenach, Syrah and Mourverde

Chateau Domaine de la Verriere     $ 35.00        $10.00

Wine from the Luberon, pleasant, great with Salads

Chateau Jalousie Bordeaux              $ 36.00        $10.00

This Wine is from Bordeaux Superieur  region, these wine are

Great with Steak au Poivre.

Pinot Noir                                            $ 36.00        $10.00

Has a Fresh and floral Finish, Cherry,

blackcurrant, that rounds out beautifully

Cabernet Sauvignon                            $ 36.00       $10.00

Has Fresh Classic, Raspberry and Cherry Finish.

Chateau Saint Jean                                  $42.00

the Great Cabernet Sauvignon from California..

Gevery-Chambertin  2011                      $ 100.00

One of the Great Burgundies  form Domain Chanson.

A True Find..

Crozes-Hermitage Petite Buche 2013   $ 65.00                    

Comes from the Northern Valley of the Rhone,

Like the Cote Rotie this wine is fantastic.

Malbec                                                     $ 42.00    $12.00

Argentina and France make a great Malbec.



ROSE                                                   $ 36.00        $10.00

Has Dry, Subtle French Rose from the South of France, delicious.



Wine List

Wines may differ in years and Domains,

but the quality and integrity of our wines remain the same.



  CHAMPAGNE         Btle   Glass


Veuve Clicquot Brut                                $ 115.00

This Classic Champagne starts off with a citrus

apple flavor, and turns into a nutty aroma , on the finish.



 Veuve du Vernay  Brut                           $ 38.00     $ 8.50

Agreeable and harmonious, with notes of subtle fresh flavors  

Fabulous with an extra Cassis…”Kir Royal.” 



Veuve du Vernay  Rose  Brut                   $ 40.00

Toasty Creamy with a hint of fruit and a long finish.




Louis de Ladoucette,  Sauvignon White   $ 40.00

One of the best ,if not the best in Sauvignon white



Riesling (Semi-Sweet.)                              $ 36.00   $10.00

 Has a fresh and floral taste, that rounds out beautifully.


Sauvignon Blanc                                       $36.00   $10.00

Fresh, Classic, Citrus and rosewater nose.        


Vouvray   (Semi-Sweet)                            $ 38.00   $12.00

Natural sweetness from the sun drenched grapes


Pinot Grigio                                              $ 36.00   $10.00

 Great Italian wine, resembles the Santa Margarita    


Pinot Blanc Alsace                                    $ 42.00

Pinot Blanc, is the genetic mutation of the Pinot Grigio.

One of the best white wines in its category ,

I have tasted. You cant go wrong.


Chardonnay   B&G                                  $ 36.00   $10.00

French Chardonnay, floral hints with a honey finish.


Mersault                                                   $ 131.00

ONE OF THE BEST Burgundy whites, from the Cote D’Or region. Strong aromas of the grape, toasted hazelnuts with

 a floral finish.


Sancerre                                                     $ 45.00

Pure fruit, Sauvignon  grape, highly aromatic with flavors,

Compared to the Pouilly Fume, citrus finish..