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A little Mystery


I have to tell you

What a fascinating place we live in,

Yes, here in Skaneateles…

There’s so many great things happening

But most of all

So many great and interesting people..

So listen to this…

I go visit a good friend, Steve, he lives here on the lake

Seating in front of the fireplace,

On Christmas day,

A story is told..

“ The Napoleon Legacy.”

You’ve got to listen to this,

“Did you know that, Napoleon Bonaparte nominated his

Oldest Bother Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain..

He only stayed King for a couple of years before the

His brother, Napoleon, was defeated at Waterloo,

So he escapes, Spain,

But not by himself,

With most of the Royal Spanish Crown Jewels

And a sizable fortune in Gold..

This is where the story gets really interesting..

Joseph Bonaparte leaves Spain for Switzerland,

But is still getting harassed,

By France and most of the European countries,

So here goes..

Joseph Bonaparte escapes aboard ship incognito,

The ship, called, “Commerce,” is sailing for

New York….

Yes, you heard right,” New York City.”

Joseph arrives with tons of

“ Secret luggage's ,”

Which is calls,

” Wine…”

When his  Palace burns down, He orders his servants to

Evacuate the tons of luggage, ,,”Wine.”

Through the Delaware Tunnel,

On to a waiting Ship. Bonaparte head’s North,

To the Adirondacks. The Black River,

The lake is named , “Bonaparte Lake.”

But, shortly after,

Joseph goes back to Europe,

“Without much luggage!!.”

End's up in Florence,Where he dies…

But what about  the huge luggage that was aboard the ship...

Well there you are folks,


all explained in a great book written

By my friend Steve’s, Cousin,

Matthew  J. Galvin

“Adirondacks Treasures, The Bonaparte Legacy.”

If you like Mysteries, Murder and a little history,

Buy the book, or get it on kindle..


And that is why I said in the beginning

There are fabulous people out there.

Go to his web site



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