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 These paintings are exhibited on our walls. We welcome the artists of Skaneateles, and try to promote their work. Enjoy, just click on their paintings to go to their sites.

These paintings are for sale, all you have to do is contact the artist  and enjoy...

Photos, from "The Hawley Studio." press here..  .

For Joelle's  Cooking Photos press here.....   [ Joelle's Cooking Photo's ]






Girl with a Bubble         Gary Trento




     Joelle and  Alain          

    Gary Trento             




Barbara  Delmonico



Skaneateles Lake View



     Feeding  Frenzy                                          Barbara  Delmonico








Melissa Jones  and the Polo Collection..





 Melissa Jones     A place in France      






Alain,  TÍte de Cheval..( This piece is at Hobbit Hollow Barnes, David Kenner Boley.)




"Miss Nelli"    Painting of  Janet's Franc, King Charles....