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                    Joelle takes part in the Red Cross Gala of the," Great   chefs of America."

               Joelle Mollinger, at a young age was already attracted by her mother's cooking. Having traveled  from Morocco to Paris, then through Spain to Switzerland, 

she acquired all these different exotic tastes

which you find in her cooking.  

From the contemporary, to just plain old fashion, 

Joelle acquired a taste by pioneering the French Country Cooking

into a harmonious taste and presentation.

of simplicity to complexity. 

One will find numerous flavors in her dishes.

Being self taught, Joelle has no boundaries.

The walls of traditional cuisine, do not exist for her.

She actually has refined her childhood recipes,

She is continuously reinventing herself.

Her passion to work with local farmers, 

and also with her vegetable garden that she has growing on the premises.

Allows her to bring to the table

not only fresh but inventive produce.


Being self taught and Her alliance with local farmers gives Joelle's the ability to create without boundaries, from the contemporary to just plain old fashion cuisine. She has 




    Joelle was invited to prepare a luncheon, for the," James Beard Foundation ." 


             When she first arrived in New York, after selling her Parisian  restaurant, "L'Amateur."

She named the restaurant after a Sulky horse race    called, "L'Amateur."    




She won in Cagne Sur Mer, a race track that lies on the Riviera, in the South of France.


Her restaurant in Paries lied next to the stock market called ,"la Bourse." 


She met Alain Castel, in 1990,he had just opened his first restaurant in mid town Manhattan called, "Pigalle." A 2 Star restaurant that lasted five years.




They both left and opened, "Country Cafe," a small French Bistro in Soho.

After ten years, Alain wanted to move, and it was through a customer/friend

that Alain was referred to ,"Skaneateles."

On arriving, the same day, Joelle and Alain fell in love with this piece of Paradise

called ,"Skaneateles ."


"Manhattan's being very good to me" said Alain,

" But it's nothing to compare to here."

"This is America, the people here a so kind and thoughtful,

I feel blessed to have found Skaneateles.

I hope to bring my part to this beautiful Country Side.

You see dreams do come true."


The Skaneateles call Joelle's the ," Chocolat, Sinfully Delicious. 

"The food is terrific, the Ambience fabulous, 

we don't feel that we are in a restaurant, 

we feel as if we were in someone's home.

We feel so soothed and relaxed, 

we're in another world..."

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